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Full Circle Soap is a line of thoughtfully produced hand soap, dish soap, hair & body wash, shampoo, and laundry gel manufactured by Housebrand Clean in Springfield, Missouri. Our friends at Full Circle buy in bulk from them and sell by the ounce. They'll refill your own bottles or sell the soap in donated (cleaned and sanitized) ones, so there's no wasted plastic. And the soap is made with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients and safe preservatives, so it's good for you and for the planet.

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    Purchase soap for home delivery through the Topeka Growers Group. Orders are delivered Wednesday evenings to Topeka and the surrounding area.

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    For same-day soap refills, track down the Full Circle Soap Truck! Bring your bottles for easy refill into your own containers or purchase soap in cleaned and sanitized donated bottles.

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    Full Circle's soap is produced by Housebrand Clean in Springfield, Missouri, and made with simple, non-toxic ingredients you can feel good about using!

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Their Vision

Full Circle is about bending lines, closing gaps, and turning around to move forward. They're about creating systems that support reduction and reuse and that make living a low-waste lifestyle easier. Right now, Full Circle consists of a zero-waste soap refill service. They hope to expand in the near future to include other products and services for the community, such as bulk pantry goods (like nuts, grains, and dried fruit), food scrap pick-up for composting, and cloth diaper cleaning. They’ve got lots of ideas, and we’re excited to try them out as the Full Circle community grows.

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